Friday, 5 December 2014

Crocheting a shawl

I've started crocheting a shawl made with the 75 year old yarn from the post before. First I made samples, so I could see how the pattern would work out with this yarn. 

Four samples made with 75 year old yarn

I used two patterns from old magazines from 1967 and 1975, and two patterns from the internet. 

Magazine from 1967

Pattern from Cascade Yarns

I've chosen to use the "pineapples and shells"-pattern. It's so great to work on: challenging enough to be interesting, easy enough to do by heart without using the pattern after a while. Convenient when I'm crocheting in front of the tv or on the train.

Pineapples and shells pattern crochet

By the way, I use a hook that, like the yarn, used to be my grandmother's. It must be pretty old, because the number 3 is not a size 3 mm. It seems to be a 2 mm, so the number must refer to an older system. 

Old hook for crochet

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Historical research into old yarns

Time for something completely different: historical research into old yarns.  

For some years I have beautiful yarns from the legacy of my grandmother. I was curious how old it was, so I did some historical research on the internet.

The yarn is a very beautiful, shiny, cream-colored "synthetic silk" yarn. Now, the term "synthetic silk" is no longer used. It was later know as rayon and now it's called viscose. Viscose is made of wood cellulose, a technology known since the mid-19th century. So no reference point here. 

Everlasting knitting yarn

Around the skeins were labels from a brand called Everlasting. This brand does not exist anymore, but the Dutch Royal Library has the magazine "Praten en breien" ("Talking and knitting") in her archives. This magazine was the official periodical of the Everlasting Knitting Club and has been published (as far as known) 24 times, from November 1934 to October 1936. Could my yarns be that old?

Label of Everlasting knitting yarn

The label mentions "waschetiket", which is very old Dutch spelling, so my investigation went on. It appears that this spelling was officially replaced in 1947 by a new one. So the yarn must have been made before 1947. I'm getting closer.....

Detail of label of Everlasting knitting yarn

The label also contains the term "RTB". What is RTB? This was the Rijks-Textielbureau (National Textile Bureau), which had all sorts of regulations for the textile industry. And existed between 1939 and 1941!

My conclusion is that these yarns have probably been made between 1939 and 1941, possibly in the second World War. So they are about 75 years old, almost twice my age. 

I have no idea how it ended up with my grandmother. Did she buy it? Or did she get is from someone? Has she made anything from it or not?  
I will never know and that's okay.

What I do like is that I can create something new from something old. And that is exactly what I am going to do..... 

(to be continued)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Open European Quilt Championships 2014 - exhibition visit

Yesterday I went to the exhibition of the Open European Quilt Championships. The theme for the competition is "Old Masters" and there are many beautiful quilts to be seen. (I do not participate in the competition, I am just a visitor). 
Here's an impression:

"Sinfonie der Sterne" - Petra Henrich, 1st prize Advanced + Award of Janome
"Sinfonie der Sterne" - Petra Henrich, detail
"Carice" - Mary Poppelier, Award of Merit +Judge's Choice

"Rembrandt" - Marjan van der Heijden. Trophy for Old Masters

"The Threatened Swan" by Hilde van Schaardenburg. Trophy for Art

Also there are  guest collections of various artists to see.
Again I gained a lot of inspiration, I met nice people and talked to great artists.

"In Balance" - Leslie Gabriëlse

"The Myth" - DAMSS

Fiber treetrunk - Grietje van der Veen

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Request for cuddly toy

Three weeks ago I visited my dear friend and her three children. It's always nice to be with them, these kids are so great! Two years ago I made stuffed animals for them which they had designed themselves (you can find them under the tab "Stuffed animals"). 
Now they asked me if I could make them another one...... 
Well, I'm busy with all kinds of things, so I shouldn't do this, but these kids have a way of asking I couldn't resist. Under the condition that this time the cuddly toy would be simpler to make, I agreed. 

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy

Here is the first result. It's a purple version of a Rabbid, a strange digitaly created rabbit that appears in movies, games and TV series. 
The boy I made it for is a huge fan and celebrates his ninth birthday today. 
He determined the design, he chose the fabrics and helped me to make it. Because of his co-creation, his signature is on the toy as well. 

Furthermore, I am surprised by the spatial insight he has: he understood completely how this cuddly toy had to be created step by step. It's great to work with a fellow technician!

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy
Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Granny quilt finished! (English version)

Last Thursday, September 11th, was the birthday of my grandmother.

She does not live anymore, but I still think of her often. She has learned me how to knit, crochet, embroider and sew clothes. She knitted countless numbers of socks for the whole family, in addition to all the other craft projects she made. My love for textiles has come from her. I am also named after her. 

She was a sweet grandmother to me and she's been important in my life, so I wanted to portray her for a long time in fabric. By the end of 2013, I finally had the courage to do it, after I had taken a drawing course and understood much more how to make a portrait. 

And now the quilt has been finished! It has a Frisian title: "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern". (Translation: "Grandmother, with flowers, animals and children"). (My family and I come from Friesland, a region in the north of the Netherlands, and we speak our own language, hence this Frisian title).
My Granny loved nature, plants, flowers, animals, and her (grand-) children. This is what I wanted to express in this quilt. For her face I used a very nice photograph from 1976.

Quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

The quilt measures 69 x 99 cm (27" x 39"). The fabrics have been appliqued on a base fabric with the sewing machine. For the intermediate layer a cotton batting was used. The whole quilt was quilted on the machine with a cotton thread.

Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"
In the face and the hair I used a lot of embroidery. Where necessary, some acrylic paint has been used. 
The embroidery threads come mainly from her inheritance.
Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

This is the farm where she lived and worked most of her life.
Also, I was born here (in this photo I'm in the pram next to the front door).
This photo has been included in the quilt.
Details of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern": photo's printed on fabric and embroidered.

These four pictures are transferred onto fabric with t-shirt transfer paper. The pieces of fabric are included in the top and later partially embroidered to bring in some color. In the pictures you can see my grandmother with her grandchildren (including myself).

Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern".
On the farm she took care not only for the household, but also for the cattle, as I remember from the stories. Hence the cows and sheep in the quilt. 
Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern".

Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern":

In my living room I have a large arum (or maybe the plant is 
called differently, but this is how I call it). This plant was my grandmother's and I got it many years ago from her. This plant with beautiful flowers has also been incorporated into the quilt.
The arum in my house.

Linen cloth with flowers I used in the quilt.
When I was a child,  I was staying every summer with my grandmother's. For a long time, this linen cloth with flowers was hanging on her kitchen wall. With great care, I have cut the cloth into individual parts and used them as a basis for the bottom of the quilt.

My grandmothers' clothes that have been used in the quilt.

Parts of her clothing were included in the quilt. The brown skirt is confection, the others are self-made, most likely by herself.

Detail of quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern":

Finally, I always sign my work with my logo and name.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quilt van mijn oma is klaar! (Nederlandse versie)

Vandaag, 11 september, is het de geboortedag van mijn oma. 
Ze leeft niet meer, maar ik denk regelmatig aan haar. Zij heeft me leren breien, haken, borduren en kleren naaien. Ze heeft ontelbare aantallen sokken gebreid voor de hele familie, naast alle andere handwerkprojecten die ze maakte. Mijn liefde voor textiel komt van haar. Ook ben ik naar haar vernoemd. 
Ze was een lieve oma en ze is belangrijk geweest in mijn leven, daarom wilde ik haar al lange tijd portretteren in stof. Eind 2013 heb ik het eindelijk aangedurfd, nadat ik een tekencursus had gevolgd en wat meer begreep hoe je een portret maakt. 

En nu is de quilt klaar! Hij heet, op zijn Fries: "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern".

(Vertaling: "Oma, met bloemen, dieren en kinderen"). Ze was dol op de natuur, planten, bloemen, dieren en de (klein-)kinderen. Dit wilde ik uitbeelden in deze quilt. 
Voor haarzelf heb ik een foto gebruikt uit 1976 waar ze heel mooi op staat. 

Quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

De quilt is 69 x 99 cm groot. De stoffen zijn op een ondergrondstof geappliceerd met de naaimachine. Voor de tussenlaag is een katoenen vulling gebruikt. Het geheel is machinaal gequilt met katoenen garen. 

Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"
In het gezicht en het haar heb ik veel geborduurd. Waar nodig is wat acrylverf gebruikt. 
Het borduurgaren komt grotendeels uit haar erfenis.  
Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern"

Dit is de boerderij waar ze een groot deel van haar leven gewoond en gewerkt heeft.
En ik ben er geboren (op deze foto lig ik in de kinderwagen naast de voordeur).
Deze foto is in de quilt verwerkt. 

Details van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern": foto's op stof geprint en geborduurd.

Deze vier foto's zijn op stof overgebracht met t-shirt transferpapier. De lapjes zijn in de top verwerkt en later gedeeltelijk geborduurd om er wat kleur in te brengen. Op de foto's staat mijn oma met haar kleinkinderen (waaronder ikzelf). 

Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern".
Op de boerderij zorgde ze naast het huishouden ook voor het vee, zo herinner ik me uit de verhalen. Vandaar de koeien en schapen in de quilt. 
Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern".

Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern":

In mijn woonkamer staat een grote aronskelk (of misschien heet de plant anders, maar zo noem ik hem) die van mijn oma was en ik vele jaren geleden van haar gekregen heb. Deze plant met prachtige bloemen is ook in de quilt verwerkt. 
De echte aronskelk.

De linnen lap die gebruikt is in de quilt.
Mijn oma had, toen ik nog een kind was en vaak bij haar logeerde, lange tijd deze linnen lap met bloemen aan de keukenmuur hangen. Ik heb met grote zorg de lap in losse delen geknipt en als basis voor de onderkant gebruikt.

Kleding van mijn oma die verwerkt is in de quilt.

Gedeelten van haar kleding zijn verwerkt in de quilt. De bruine rok is confectie, de anderen zelfgemaakt, zeer waarschijnlijk door haarzelf. 

Detail van quilt "Beppe, mei blommen, bisten en bern":

Tot slot signeer ik mijn werk altijd met mijn logo en naam. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Quilt "Rose" as postcard and in shop window

The Dutch Quilt Guild has printed postcards with my quilt "Rose" on it! 
Isn't that great? 
It is part of the new collection of 30 cards. They are sold at the show of the guild, starting this thursday, september 4. 

Postcard of quilt "Rose"
Postcard of quilt "Rose"

Postcard of quilt "Rose" - backside

During the show of the Dutch Quilt Guild in Arnhem (where I live), the town center of Arnhem is decorated with quilts. About 35 quilts are hanging in the windows of shops all over town. My "Rose" is at display at the window of a hairdresser at Klarestraat 17. To be seen until september 9, 2014. 

"Rose" at display at window in town center of Arnhem

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Top of Granny quilt finished

Today I finally finished the top of the Granny quilt. 
Let the quilting begin! 

Top of Grannyquilt before quilting

Detail of Grannyquilt before quilting
Embroidery on printed photo
Embroidery on printed photo
Appliqued sheep
Detail of flowers
(linen cloth with flowers that I cut up)