Sunday, 22 June 2014

Workshop felting raw fleece

Lately, I am mainly engaged in quilting and visiting quilt shows. That's all fine, but it was high time to spend some attention at felting. That's why three weeks ago I did a workshop on felting raw fleece. 

With raw wool (right from a sheep, not combed, not carded, nor washed) I felted a very warm cloth. The wool comes from about seven Dutch sheep breeds, in Dutch: Drents Heideschaap, Blauwe Texelaar, Bont schaap, and a few I lost their names of. It has become a beautiful sample with all kinds of wool. It fits on a pouffe that I made ​​myself years ago.

The wool is so beautiful, I have plenty of ideas to make more with it. But, first things first. Finishing my Granny-quilt has top-priority now. 
Raw fleece felting I keep for later to continue.....

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Quiltfestival Noord Groningen - part 2

In the community centre of Oldenzijl was an exhibition of the employees of the organisation of the Quiltfestival. The theme is "Unity in diversity": unity is formed by the quilts, diversity are the different techniques and subjects. 
There were wonderful art quilts to be seen. 

"Paleolithic" by Marijke de Boer-Boon has been made of fabric, leather and fur. A very lively picture.
Quilt of an employee of the organization: Marijke de Boer-Boon -  "Paleolithicum"

I like the composition and colors of Marjan Ruitenberg's quilt very much. Beautiful combination of gold and blue's. The quilt has been framed in a passepartout.

Quilt of an employee of the organization: 
Marjan Ruitenberg - "Universum" ("Universe")

Chrisina Fokkema made a completely white quilt with fabrics and wool. 

Quilt of an employee of the organization: Christina Fokkema - "Witte wals" ("White waltz")

Christa Ebert (Germany) makes very colorful quilts. She dyes the fabrics herself. 

Christa Ebert - "Inneres Feuer" ("Inner light")

A special artist at this festival is Alexandra Drenth. She makes pieces with old embroidery combined with her own. There are a lot of details in her work. Below: "Heimat" is made of a choir robe from near Zwolle, approx 1950. The embroidery is on the inside, which reverses inside and outside.

Alexandra Drenth - "Heimat, it's all about the inside" 

Each piece in Hilde van Schaardenburg's "Radiation" series is formed by a central work of embroidery, made by her mother 20 years ago. Hilde has enlarged the work with fabric and quilting. A nice way of honoring your mother.

Hilde van Schaardenburg - works from the "Stralung"-series ("Radiation"-series)

Finally a classic quilt with sashiko, made by Jeanne van den Bekerom. Beautiful patterns, made ​​by hand.

Jeanne van den Bekerom

Quiltfestival Noord Groningen - part 1

In the north of Groningen, close to the Wadden Sea, last weekend's Quilt Festival was held. At 24 locations quilts were on display, mostly modern and art quilts. I've set up my tent and spent three days cycling around through the beautiful Groningen country to view the whole exhibition.  

It's great cycling in this area, there are cycle paths across the fields. The cycle trips took me from church to mill to community center in eleven villages where the quilts were shown. I enjoyed the quilts, the artists, cycling around and being outdoors. 
Below is a very selective photo report of the artists that appealed to me the most.

Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma makes quilts by using small pieces of fabric like brush strokes. The fabrics are intensely quilted. This way she creates abstract landscapes, like this one. Her works are very impressive. I've known her work from books, but it's great to have seen it in real and to have met her. 

Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma - "The sky is the limit"

In the church of Uithuizermeeden the StiQs textile group held their exhibition. They exist since 2007. Flox den Hartog Jager made this piece. The left woman figure looks at the past and consists of portraits of her foremothers. The right figure looks at the future and is covered with girls names in the family, which hopefully will be given to the future generation.  

StiQs-group: Flox den Hartog Jager - "Voormoeders #5: 
those that went before and those to come" ("Foremothers")

A nice small work by Gonne de Bekker-Jespers: women figures, round shapes, warm colors: very femine. 

StiQs-group: Gonny de Bekker-Jespers - "Vrouwen" ("Women")

StiQs-group: overview in Mariakerk in Uithuizermeden

I was, like many visitors, impressed by the work of Russian artist Isabella Baykova. I've seen her work in a book and the chance to see it in real was one of my reasons to go to this festival. She has more than met my expectations. Two big pieces were specially highlighted with lamps, one of them was this one. The silk and organza create a beautiful frosty environment. You can almost hear these tough amazons, sometimes with children, pregnant or elderly, galloping through the snow. Gorgeous!

Isabella Baykova - "Horsewomen"

Isabella Baykova - "Horsewomen" (detail)

Hanne Capel often uses photo's in her work. In the "Streetskin"-series, she has edited and printed photographs on fabric and processed further with paint and quilting. Her work touched me, they create emotions. Sometimes joy, sometimes melancholy.

Hanne Capel - "Streetskin I"

Els van Baarle is inspired by ancient times and handwritings. They bring a memory to life, as in this great work "Letters from a friend". Many envelopes were dyed and sewn together to form this impressive artwork.

Els van Baarle - "Brieven van een vriend" ("Letters from a friend")
Els van Baarle - "Brieven van een vriend" ("Letters from a friend") (detail)

Very impressive and moving are the pieces of Marjon Hoftijzer-Boer. Her notes on "A letter to my mother" are: "A letter with questions to which no answer will come. Apparently you can only imagine those questions that relate to your stage of life". "The dead tree" relates to a beautiful dead tree in a nature reserve near her home, but also her heavily depressed and suicidal daughter. For her everything is black or white.

Marjon Hoftijzer-Boer - "Een brief aan mijn moeder" en op de 
achtergond: "De dode boom" 
(foreground: "A letter to my mother", background: "The dead tree")

Teadske van der Linden likes to work with color in her quilts. This one is a pretty landscape of the Wadden Sea at Friesland in the north of the Netherlands.

Teadske van der Linden - "It Waad III" ("Het Wad III" / "The shallows at Wadden Sea")

In the same church as Teadske, quilts were exhibited of Gerry van der Lugt. She also likes colorful work and uses different techniques. I liked this one very much.  

Gerry van der Lugt - "Eline Vere" standbeeld in Den Haag ("Eline Vere", statue in The Hague)