Saturday, 25 October 2014

Open European Quilt Championships 2014 - exhibition visit

Yesterday I went to the exhibition of the Open European Quilt Championships. The theme for the competition is "Old Masters" and there are many beautiful quilts to be seen. (I do not participate in the competition, I am just a visitor). 
Here's an impression:

"Sinfonie der Sterne" - Petra Henrich, 1st prize Advanced + Award of Janome
"Sinfonie der Sterne" - Petra Henrich, detail
"Carice" - Mary Poppelier, Award of Merit +Judge's Choice

"Rembrandt" - Marjan van der Heijden. Trophy for Old Masters

"The Threatened Swan" by Hilde van Schaardenburg. Trophy for Art

Also there are  guest collections of various artists to see.
Again I gained a lot of inspiration, I met nice people and talked to great artists.

"In Balance" - Leslie Gabriëlse

"The Myth" - DAMSS

Fiber treetrunk - Grietje van der Veen

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Request for cuddly toy

Three weeks ago I visited my dear friend and her three children. It's always nice to be with them, these kids are so great! Two years ago I made stuffed animals for them which they had designed themselves (you can find them under the tab "Stuffed animals"). 
Now they asked me if I could make them another one...... 
Well, I'm busy with all kinds of things, so I shouldn't do this, but these kids have a way of asking I couldn't resist. Under the condition that this time the cuddly toy would be simpler to make, I agreed. 

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy

Here is the first result. It's a purple version of a Rabbid, a strange digitaly created rabbit that appears in movies, games and TV series. 
The boy I made it for is a huge fan and celebrates his ninth birthday today. 
He determined the design, he chose the fabrics and helped me to make it. Because of his co-creation, his signature is on the toy as well. 

Furthermore, I am surprised by the spatial insight he has: he understood completely how this cuddly toy had to be created step by step. It's great to work with a fellow technician!

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy
Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy