Friday, 5 December 2014

Crocheting a shawl

I've started crocheting a shawl made with the 75 year old yarn from the post before. First I made samples, so I could see how the pattern would work out with this yarn. 

Four samples made with 75 year old yarn

I used two patterns from old magazines from 1967 and 1975, and two patterns from the internet. 

Magazine from 1967

Pattern from Cascade Yarns

I've chosen to use the "pineapples and shells"-pattern. It's so great to work on: challenging enough to be interesting, easy enough to do by heart without using the pattern after a while. Convenient when I'm crocheting in front of the tv or on the train.

Pineapples and shells pattern crochet

By the way, I use a hook that, like the yarn, used to be my grandmother's. It must be pretty old, because the number 3 is not a size 3 mm. It seems to be a 2 mm, so the number must refer to an older system. 

Old hook for crochet