Thursday, 5 November 2015

Open European Quilt Championships 2015 - my quilt

Last week was the exhibition of the Open European Quilt Championships. This year for the first time in Maastricht. And for the first time I've submitted a quilt! It's the portrait of my grandmother (you can read the story behind this quilt under the tab "Quilting"). 

Of course I went to see my quilt hanging there between all the other 140 exhibitors. I felt so proud! My quilt is in the catalog and as a participant I received a set of quilting thread. That was a very nice surprise.

Furthermore, I've seen many splendid quilts and I've had conversations with very nice people from different parts of the world. Next year I'll be going again!

The quilts are hanging freely in the room, which gives a very spatial effect.
My quilt, made by Atelier YT
Myself, posing at my quilt.
The catalog