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Cuddly toy on request

Three weeks ago I visited my dear friend and her three children. It's always nice to be with them, these kids are so great! Two years ago I made stuffed animals for them which they had designed themselves (you can find them below). 
Now they asked me if I could make them another one...... 
Well, I'm busy with all kinds of things, so I shouldn't do this, but these kids have a way of asking I couldn't resist. Under the condition that this time the cuddly toy would be simpler to make, I agreed. 

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy

Here is the first result. It's a purple version of a Rabbid, a strange digitaly created rabbit that appears in movies, games and TV series. 
The boy I made it for is a huge fan and celebrates his ninth birthday today. 
He determined the design, he chose the fabrics and helped me to make it. Because of his co-creation, his signature is on the toy as well. 

Furthermore, I am surprised by the spatial insight he has: he understood completely how this cuddly toy had to be created step by step. It's great to work with a fellow technician!

Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy
Cuddly toy made ​​on request for nine-year old boy


This butterfly was designed by a 5-year old girl and made ​​by me. She picked the colors and decorative stitching herself (see design drawing). At her request, I've added some glittering yarn. 

Like all butterflies, this one loves flowers very much .....

Cuddly toy butterfly, made of used fabrics for 5-year old girl. 
Cuddly toy butterfly, frontview
Cuddly toy butterfly, detail

Cuddly toy butterfly, detail
Cuddly toy butterfly, design


A 7-year-old boy asked me to make a penguin, because they are his favourite animals in the zoo. He determined the colors and decorative stiching himself. He was very happy with his cuddly toy.

Cuddly toy penguin for 7-year old boy
Cuddly toy penguin, detail head

Cuddly toy penguin, detail feet

Design for cuddly toy penguin 
for 7-year old boy


Designed by a four-year-old boy, made by me. I drew the fish for him, he colored it. He picked the decorative stitching himself.

Cuddly toy fish for 4-year old boy
Cuddly toy fish for 4-year old boy
Cuddly toy fish, detail
Cuddly toy fish, frontview
Cuddly toy fish, design

The three children with their self-designed cuddly toys: 
butterfly, fish and penguin

Happy Dragon as a portrait

This dragon is also an example of a stuffed animal as a portrait. 
The dragon represents a very nice and talented woman, but she herself couldn't see that at the time. She is not a "monsterous woman", but has beautiful qualities: friendly, funny, cheerful. The dragon has been made ​​in her favorite color (purple) and feels soft. As a reminder that she is a beautiful person.

Because I liked the dragon so much, I made one for myself as well, which is why there are two of them in the pictures.

Happy Dragons as a portrait
Cuddly toy Happy Dragon, detail of head
Cuddly toys Happy Dragons
Cuddly toy Happy Dragon
Cuddly toy Happy Dragon, signing

Ibexes as a portrait

These ibexes were my first attempt to portray a person as a stuffed animal.
The ibex is a portrait of a tough and headstrong person who can be quite stubborn. I found the ibex a good example of that. 
The animals have been made in the favorite color: blue. The red accents represent the temperament of this person.

I needed to make two test versions of the ibex before I was satisfied, that's why there are three in the picture.

Ibexes as a portrait
Three ibexes on the rocks
Ibex in 3D-textiles with a memory

Ibex in 3D-textiles with a memory
Ibex in 3D-textiles with a memory
Ibexes in 3D-textiles

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